call HIM

Do you ever get the overwhelming feeling that life isn't the way you had planned for it to be.

I'm there.

But the Lord is faithful to who He called and named you.

He reminded me this week that I am courageous and capable. So much of my thoughts lately have been driven by fear and the feelings of insufficiency, but those are lies not worth listening to.

I am courageous and capable.

Not because I'm acting like it, but because that is who God says I am.

"On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased." Psalm 138:3

I've never felt the Lord like I have lately. In moments of defeat I have called out and He has answered with love, strength, and the push to move forward. I'm so grateful I have learned the lesson to call on Him. It is in my weakness I have finally seen His strength.

Call Him. No one else.

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